Before contacting, please read the following information and FAQ to be sure that the issue has not been addressed earlier.

General information

AppVersionChecker or AVC uses Apple's iCloud to send notifications, to access the application database, and store license information. Therefore, the user is required to have iCloud enabled.

Superuser privileges are needed to install some of the programs. In order to do that, a helper application installed, and permission to install is requested from the user.

The first launch of the application takes some time to start, as AVC does the initial scan of the applications. During this time, the progress indication will rotate at the status bar.

The AVC has one main screen that has three pages; Apps, Updates, and New.

The "Apps" tab displays all the applications that are found and identified in your Applications -folder (when using default settings). You can add new paths where applications are scanned in the preferences. You may, for example, add Applications -folder that is located in your home folder.

The "Updates" tab displays all the apps that have a newer version available. Some applications can be updated by a single click, for other applications, we can provide a link to a download page, and in a case where the application was purchased from App Store, we provide a link to open App Store.

The "New" tab displays all the software that you may have installed on another computer that you have. AVC uses the users private iCloud to store applications on different computers, and this allows the user to install easily software on all of the Macs user has.



The AVC can be uninstalled by dragging the AppVersionChecker to the Trash. To remove all data, run the following commands in the Terminal:

sudo rm -r /Applications/
sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/fi.juvex.appversioncheckerhelper.plist
sudo rm /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/fi.juvex.appversioncheckerhelper
rm ${HOME}/Library/Preferences/fi.juvex.appversionchecker.plist
rm -r ${HOME}/Library/Application\ Support/AppVersionChecker
rm -r ${HOME}/Library/Caches/fi.juvex.appversionchecker
rm -r ${HOME}/Library/Caches/CloudKit/fi.juvex.appversionchecker


For issues concerning billing, please send email to


We offer a free 30 day trial period during which the application has full functionality, after that, the user needs to purchase a license or continue use with limited functionality.

The license can be purchased by pressing ⌘+L and clicking "Buy license..." in the AppVersionChecker, or selecting the "License..." in the Help menu. There will be two types of licenses on offer; an annual license and a monthly license. The monthly license price is a little more than the annual license due to the additional invoicing costs.

During the Beta period, there are no license costs, and the license can be activated when the 30 day trial period is about to end; pressing the "Buy license..." -button will extend the license automatically for the additional 30 day period.


1. There is a newer version of the software available, why it is not showing in the AVC?

Please report this in the application, by selecting the application in the view, and then pressing Ctrl+F, and set the Category to "A newer version is available", and press Send. We will look into this as soon as possible and update the version information.

2. There is an application that does not have the version information available, when will this application be supported?

We will add new applications to the supported list daily. Applications will be added based on the popularity of the application.

3. I'm a developer and I would like to update the version information of my application by myself. Is this possible?

Yes, there is an API that provides access to update the version number and release date. Please send email to and request an API key and instructions on how to connect.

4. Installation of an application has failed. What should I do now?

Please report this in the AVC, by selecting the failed application in the Apps list and press Ctrl+F. Then set the Category to "Installation does not work", and press Send. We will look into the matter as soon as possible.

5. What information are you collecting from my computer?

We collect information about the installed applications. Information that we gather is a name, version, release date, identifier, developer, category, and location of the application. This information is read from the Info.plist file of the application or signature of the application. We are not able to identify the person or computer, where this information is coming from.

AVC stores the software that you have installed on your computer to end-users own private iCloud, which we are not able to access. We value the user's privacy and do not want to collect any more information that is necessary to keep your apps as up-to-date as possible.